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Welcome toApex Sports and Regenerative Medicine

For a patient, there is a multitude of injuries and illnesses that require treatment by a specialized physician. While some sports injuries heal with basic rest and allow patients to resume participating in the sport within a few weeks, other injuries require more comprehensive treatment. With the proper treatment, we can help patients recover and continue their passion.

We offer treatment to people of all ages and activity levels, utilizing the necessary expertise and hands-on evaluation to determine the most effective form of treatment. The first step to regaining control of your life after a sports injury is to contact us and schedule an appointment.

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Our Team

Under the direction of Dr. Daniel Savarino, DO, RMSK, our team provides patients with detailed treatment for sports injuries through extensive examinations. With the necessary expertise and knowledge, we listen to patients as they describe their pain and take it into account when developing a treatment.

We understand that each patient is unique and will require a specific type of treatment. Our team may discuss a variety of non-surgical, minimally-invasive and/or regenerative treatment options, depending on the condition. We work to not only treat the issue, but help patients remain healthy and active following the treatment. From the moment patients walk in the door to after completing their treatment, our team is here to offer support when necessary.

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Our Services

At Apex Sports and Regenerative Medicine, we provide a variety of services that cover much more than just basic forms of treatment. Our goal is to not only treat the issue, but help patients continue participating in the activities they love. Our treatments include sports and non-operative orthopedic care, regenerative treatments such as PRP, stem cell and high dose laser therapy and minimally invasive orthopedic procedures such as Tenex, Sonex, and Visionscope. With many more treatment options available, patients are able to get back to activities they love faster and without surgery.

We offer digital x-ray and ultrasound for diagnostic purposes. We also have our ultrasound connected to two 49" TVs in our procedure room for a much larger image. It is important to note that each patient is unique and may require one or multiple treatments to treat their injuries. Fortunately, we take that into account and customize the treatment to each patient’s needs.

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Patient Information

To begin the treatment process, we will need a patient to fill out a form that covers the patient’s medical history, current condition, sports the patient participates in, allergies, health insurance and any other pertinent information. The patient can fill this form out at home from of our website and bring it into the office on the day of the appointment.

We will be happy to answer any questions that they might have on the day of the appointment as well. Once complete, the patient will go in for the initial examination. We will determine the treatment and go over the process with the patient.