Osteoarthritis Treatment: Care at Home and in Our Office

We offer an osteoarthritis treatment that helps our patients to live a full life by reducing their pain, increasing mobility and promoting healing. There is a lot of confusion when it comes to arthritis in general. In fact, most people … Continued

What Is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and What Can It Treat?

Many patients are contacting our office to learn more about platelet-rich plasma therapy after hearing about it in the news. With famous athletes using this treatment like Tiger Woods, this innovative solution has become more mainstream. This is a good … Continued

Regenerative Medicine – Cord Blood Stem Cells FAQ’s

Regenerative medicine offers much promise for those suffering from several disease states. It is a method of using our own natural healing properties in living a better quality of life. Stem cells are presently the largest target in the regenerative … Continued

Regenerative Medicine Treatments to Help You Recover

What if the body could rejuvenate itself and get back to the point where everything functions like it did before becoming injured or you started experiencing pain? This is actually possible with regenerative medicine. We offer a wide range of … Continued

Orthopedic Care for Shoulder Joint Tears

Glenoid labrum tears of the shoulder, also known as labral tears or SLAP tears, are common injuries that require treatment with sports medicine or orthopedic care. Labral tears are common in throwing and overhead athletes but can also be seen in … Continued

Professional Cyclist Chris Horner Benefited from Pain Management Solutions

Did you know that many professional athletes need help with pain management solutions? Being a professional athlete places a lot of stress on the body so, even athletes who do not suffer from a traditional injury may begin to feel … Continued

What You Should Know About Joint Care

At Apex Sports and Regenerative Medicine we offer a variety of solutions for joint care that can help our patients feel better and regain mobility. It is far better to prevent joint damage with non-invasive treatment options than to need … Continued

Our Injury Treatment Keeps Everyone Moving

We provide injury treatment in our office that can be used to improve your overall health and performance – even if you are not an athlete. For anyone who wants to get up and get moving, our treatment can help.As … Continued

Sports Injuries Treated by Sports Medicine

As a patient, it is critical that you are able to perform at your very best and this is why we offer patients a variety of treatments that fall under the category of sports medicine. We work with patients on … Continued

Tennis Elbow Therapy: Treatment Options

Tennis elbow is one of the most common conditions treated in sports medicine. While you can get tennis elbow playing sports, it is also a very common injury from repetitive activities at work, gym or at home. Apex Sports and … Continued