What You Should Know About Joint Care

At Apex Sports and Regenerative Medicine we offer a variety of solutions for joint care that can help our patients feel better and regain mobility. It is far better to prevent joint damage with non-invasive treatment options than to need … Continued

Our Injury Treatment Keeps Everyone Moving

We provide injury treatment in our office that can be used to improve your overall health and performance – even if you are not an athlete. For anyone who wants to get up and get moving, our treatment can help.As … Continued

Sports Injuries Treated by Sports Medicine

As a patient, it is critical that you are able to perform at your very best and this is why we offer patients a variety of treatments that fall under the category of sports medicine. We work with patients on … Continued

Tennis Elbow Therapy: Treatment Options

Tennis elbow is one of the most common conditions treated in sports medicine. While you can get tennis elbow playing sports, it is also a very common injury from repetitive activities at work, gym or at home. Apex Sports and … Continued

Prevent Complications with Early Sports Injury Care

After being in an accident, it is important to receive sports injury care right away. In our clinic, we work with a lot of patients and provide high-quality care because we understand how critical it is to get back on … Continued

Rehab: Sometimes Set-Backs are Opportunities

When I treat injured patients, the question is always “How long until I’m back on the field/court/track/etc.?”  The truth is that it’s often hard to predict how quickly the body will heal, and the hard work begins after I’ve performed … Continued

Tips to Stay Injury- Free

It’s winter in New Jersey, which means a change in fitness routine for many of my patients.  Below are some helpful tips for avoiding sports injuries in winter, and any time of year.Warm up/stretch thoroughly.  It’s especially important to adequately … Continued

Tiny Cameras Change Knee Surgery

Dr. Savarino is an expert in minimally invasive procedures.  One of the procedures he performs was recently featured on CBS 2.  The MI-Eye-2 system allows Dr. Savarino to take a peek inside a patient’s knee, in a way that no … Continued

We Can Improve Your Health in Our Office

Improve your health in 2018 by scheduling an appointment to visit our office. With 2017 in the rearview mirror, now is an excellent time to think about future goals and how improving health should be one of them. We know … Continued

Welcome to Apex Sports and Regenerative Medicine

We are committed to providing quality service to residents located In the Tinton Falls, NJ area. Our website has additional information about the following topics: Sports Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, High Dose Laser Therapy, Tenex Treatment, PRP Treatment, Platelet Rich Plasma … Continued