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At Apex Sports and Regenerative Medicine, we understand that each patient will have his or her own series of questions about the upcoming treatment, the current condition and what will happen after the treatment. While each patient will have different questions, here are a few common questions that we answer on a regular basis.

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  • What kind of treatments do you offer?

    We offer a variety of sports and regenerative medicine treatment with advanced technology to help with recovery and pain management. These treatments can include a mixture of therapy, medication and at-home care. While some sports injuries may be minor, those injuries can get serious and cause more pain. Worst case scenario, the injury will prevent the patient from continuing to play in his or her sport.

  • Will I eventually need surgery?

    We can treat almost all injuries without the need for surgery. Traditionally 90% of patients seen by an orthopedist or sports medicine doctor do not require surgery. With the advancements in technology, like our regenerative therapies and minimally invasive procedures, that percentage is much higher.

  • How will the treatment work?

    We will customize the treatment to each patient’s needs and determine the most effective plan. During the initial examination, we will answer any questions and address all concerns. We will listen to the patient in order to truly understand the condition, before developing a treatment plan. We will offer assistance and support throughout the process and offer support following the treatment if the patient needs.

  • What should I do if I just injured my leg while playing a football game?

    First of all, if there is a medical professional at the game to provide a quick examination, take the professional’s advice. If the injury is bleeding or the limb is obviously broken, seek emergency care at the hospital. However, if the injury is a sprain, strain or not life-threatening, give us a call. We can provide the immediate and long-term treatment for recovery that you may need.

  • How long will an appointment take?

    The length of time for an appointment will vary per patient. The most important factor is to schedule an appointment no matter the length of time, so you can receive the necessary treatment.

  • When will I be able to continue playing my favorite sport again?

    The answer to this depends on many factors including how severe the injury is and the type of treatments necessary. Every patient also heals at a different pace so what may take one person only a week may take another 3 or 4 weeks. Our goal is to get you better and back in the game as fast and as safely as possible.

  • Do you only treat athletes?

    You do not have to be an athlete to sustain a "sports injury". You can have the same types of injuries at the gym, at work or in your house. We can treat you regardless of how you were hurt. Whether your goal is to get back to playing sports, working out at the gym, work or back to doing work around the house, our goal is to get you back fast.

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  • What are some of the treatments you offer?

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